A Christmas Carol

You know the story. You’ve read the book (most likely). You may have even watched one of the many movies made about the book. But now, A Christmas Carol is out by Disney and it’s awesome! Very well made but oh so scary! I wouldn’t take my little kids to see it. The message is still a good one.

Be nice. Love people. Share. Put other’s before yourself. Think positively. Have compassion. Give when you can. Live life to the fullest.

I try to live like that everyday. Sure, I fall short at times. But really….I want to bless other’s with my life. This story is always a good reminder to be genuine and to love people with your whole heart. What kind of legacy will you leave behind? Will it be like Scrooge or his partner? Or will it be of someone who blessed others?

Last week, I was privileged to watch with my very own eyes as a friend and her faith grew! She had been hurting financially and the stress was just about to overtake her. She was down to eating eggs and on her last tank of gas (she commutes to school about an hour).

Back on my birthday (Oct)…I won a $10 giftcard to Kroger. Somehow the blogger transposed the numbers on my zipcode and it never came. I contacted her just to make sure that I hadn’t received it and tossed it out. She apologized and said she was resending it and that she was adding another $5 to it. I thought, “Wow, cool!”. It came and I set to the side forgetting it everytime I went to the store. Then my friend tells me…..about the eggs. I knew immediately that I could help and I did. Long story short…..I shared with 2 other friends (confidentially) and both were able to do even more for my very needy friend.

Try it…..you’ll see!

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