Book Nerd’s Rule

I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting patiently……for quite a while now to get my hands on two very special books! Both of them written by beautiful godly women who have handed their lives over to God for service to Him. Today, hubby is ordering both of them just for me! Yeehaw! I heart him! I told him…..don’t buy me Valentine’s anything! I want these two awesome books, ok?

He smiled. So, I think that means……YOU GOT IT! Or, I got it! Whichever!

Lisa McKay’s new book, You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes for minister’s wives! (Can’t wait to read it!!)

And Beth Moore’s newest So Long Insecurity…. (I am so pumped!)

Yay….me! I’m going to kiss them when they arrive! Lisa is one of my favorite bloggers and Beth….well, what can you say about her? She’s a gift to the world! I love them both! I pray that women everywhere are changed by what these two servants share in these books! God bless them!

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