Reason to celebrate

Let me tell you about the guy my kids call Poppy! To the world….he may look like just another grandfather. But to us….he’s our Poppy! There isn’t much our Poppy can’t do (at least that’s what we all believe!). He’s pretty handy to have around. If it’s broken, he’s going to tinker with it until it’s fixed. If there’s a problem, he’s going to try his best to work it out. There isn’t much we can’t go to Poppy for. He’s always there for any of us and we know it. He’s good! Inside and out!

He’s always been good! Even growing up. My husband likes to tell about how Poppy was selected to be a deacon at a very young age by his church. He wasn’t even married. That just wasn’t normal. Poppy had a big heart for God even then. He’s been a wonderful husband and father (my husband and his brother are living proof of his care for them).

I’m thankful for you Poppy! You’ve been a great encouragement to me and to our family for the last 20+years. We couldn’t have made it many times without you and your wisdom. Thank you! I love you and so does my family!

So here’s to you……on your birthday! I hope God blesses you right where you are…in sunny Florida (we’re snowed in, ya know?) Enjoy your special day!
And know WE LOVE YOU very much!

Uncle Dean, hubby, Gavin & Poppy

I didn’t want to mention it….but you have to keep an eye on Poppy when it comes to food! He has terrible allergies and tends to pick up things that he’s not supposed to have! So, Poppy! Stay away from the kitchen! Unless properly supervised! 🙂

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