What’s making me happy?

It’s Friday! Not only is it Friday, it’s a 2-hour delay…after being off school all week due to snow!

Hmm, how will I ever make it today? 🙂

My Sweetboy is home! Yay, I’ve missed him so much. He’s here to work on a big project with his dad and make some great money! I’m super psyched for him and me!

I got a new haircut! Ok, it’s about the same just a little more sassy! I like it. But, I haven’t had to style it yet. Wish me luck!?

I’ve gotten a ton of the laundry completed (including…..mostly including my college son’s complete wardrobe). Yay, and it smells so yummy.

I cooked muffins in my new extra large muffin pan! That’s cool because we always have to wait on the next flavor. This morning? I made chocolate chip….and blueberry cheesecake at the same stinkin time! Woohoo! Oh yea, it’s the little things people!

I’m finally feeling a bit of relief from the knife stabbing pain in my right side of my back and ribs. I do however, now have a crankin sore throat and tons of chest congestion. So, I’m guessing that I do have some raging viral infection going on. Which was what brought on the lovely Pleurisy! My new friend!

And……it’s Friday! Oh yea, I said that, huh?


Enjoy your weekend too!

I have heard a nasty rumor. We are going to be dumped on again by the snow monster this weekend. I can’t take making up all these days! 🙁

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