Happy Birthday Ally

I love her!

It’s your special day, Miss Ally! I know how much you love your birthday! I do too. It’s always so much fun watching you come up with ways to celebrate turning another year older. You’re all about a party, girl! That makes me so proud!

You’re just like your mama! 🙂

This year, you’re turning 17! I’m struggling to even accept it! You’re still a baby…..to me! Not like a “wha wha” baby….just young. I’m so proud of you! I know that growing up is part of life. I’m just trying to let it happen gracefully. You’re very important to us. And we’re so thankful that God put you in our family.

I pray that today you feel the love from the people that matter most to you! And I hope you like your dinner & gifts! You’re worth more than rubies!

I love you.

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