Oh healthcare!

I’ve been ill today with a killer headache! My sweetboy had to head back to IU for the remainder of the semester and I was trying to help him pack up his things….when the electricity went off! It’s pretty annoying to try to find things when it’s dark and gloomy outside and even darker inside. I felt sure we’d forget some things….I haven’t heard yet if we did.

He’s there….I’m here and stuff can just wait. He’ll be home before ya know it. After the weekend’s healthcare news, I think he’s sorry for dreaming of becoming a doctor. I must admit, it does give one cause to worry. Afterall, that’s a lot of “EDUCATION” to work through only to come out and work at the government’s pleasure. For peanuts!

Two years ago, life as my family knew it….changed! Not only did my pastor hubby walk away from a toxic church situation….we also lost our health insurance. We have been without since then. Scary, huh? Tell me about it. I don’t recommend it…..but what can you do? The company he works for is small and doesn’t provide any benefits other than a weekly salary. The four months without a job…..remind me that what we have is A BLESSING! Insurance or not!

The current situation in my family still doesn’t warrant me to the desperation of what Congress passed Sunday. I will never want government provided healthcare. Not now….not ever! I’d rather work (like I do right now) and pay cash (like I do each time I go to the doctor) than to be told “no” to whatever the government decides they will or will not treat.

I can’t help but think…..we are in trouble as a country! Just wait and see.

I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. But Lord, nothing escapes your view. Help us, save us from ourselves. Our country is in quite a predicament. Everyday it just seems a bit worse. All I can think is….come quickly Jesus! We need you!

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