I missed it (CLASS OF 84)

Last night was my high school class reunion. In Florida. Over 1000 miles away. Yea, I couldn’t make it! It was a bit far and a lot expensive to travel there again (after just being there 2 weeks ago).

I was anticipating the event for months. A friend bought my ticket to attend (cause he’s nice like that). But it went unused. Twenty six years is a long time to be out of school. From the pictures…..everyone looks the same, like someone’s parents! 🙂

Senior yearbook picture

I’m at the top, left photo!

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken with several classmates who shared pretty sad stuff about their lives in high school. Some experienced terrible bullying while other’s were living in horrible abuse at home. It reminded me just how little we know each other in school. I thought I knew my friends well. Obviously, I didn’t.

Very sad……and terribly heartbreaking!

My own experiences were fairly positive. I didn’t have a problem with bullying. I loved school and getting to see friends. My social butterfly gene runs deep! I was always looking for fun (not the party girl kind)! Most of the fun was geared around my BFF’s Joy and Sonja. We could make any event a blast!

It was the 80's! Short shorts were in!

I can’t help but smile thinking back on those days. I guess that’s why I’m so sad I wasn’t there to share in reminiscing with the people who knew me while I was “growing” up. You know that “if you could see me now” thinking? I’m not who I was in HS. I’m much better, I’m improved and refined in many ways.

I'm the 3rd from the right (pink dress)

I’m grown up and mature. I’ve learned so much about life and I hope they have too. The things we thought were important back then….really weren’t so important afterall. I wanted to see who, what, when, where and how in each of their lives. I was hoping to see lives that were changed because of what Christ had done. But, I missed it!

I’ve looked at some of the pictures this morning. Many friends look just the same…..other’s, I don’t even recognize. That’s how it is with life. We change. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. I couldn’t help but wonder what they would have said about me. {Had I changed, That I looked the same (not), She’s fat/ugly/old lady/didn’t age well?). I think that’s normal. Right?

Me on the top row!

I’m on top row, 3rd photo.

I may never see any of them again. So many of my classmates have passed on. That happens when you’ve been out of school for 26 years. We get old! We face adversity, illness, car accidents and for some, suicide. Time is a racer! It gets away from us before we know it. And then we wake up one day…..to realize we’ve been out of school for______?!

Of all the things I feel this morning……the one that keeps coming back to me is, am I living my life in a way that honors God? Does my life count for more than just being someone’s wife and mom? If I were to answer those questions, I’d have to say…..sometimes.

I’m happy that the reunion was fun! From the pictures it looked like many were able to pick right back up where they left off. That’s great! I know that things happen for a reason and there’s always another chance……maybe I can attend the event for next year. The entire 1980’s graduation era will be hosting a reunion downtown in my hometown of Wauchula. Hardee High School 80’s Decade Reunion!


Me, the summer before senior year

Note: To see the entire picture, you’ll have to click to enlarge.

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