Basketball & PMS

I’ve had a stressful day. I can’t really pin it down to anything specific (besides the fact that I’m hormonal!!) it’s just been wacky! Or should I say, I’ve been wacky! I started feeling crummy last night as I was heading to bed. My head was pounding and I had that nervous shaky feeling. I was anxious and that’s not a good thing to be AT BEDTIME!!

Tonight my heart is heavy with stuff. One daughter is happy about her upcoming senior year and being selected to perform again with the Touch of Class while my baby girl struggles through hearing a “no”. Hard stuff, ya’ll! Really. I’m trying hard as a mom to encourage her to gracefully roll with it. Easy for me to say….I’m not in her shoes. Remember my post this past week on hearing no? Yea, me too.

Life is complicated. But God knows best and He really does have a plan that is perfect for each of us. “No” is not to be feared, it is another way of saying….something else! I pray for both my girls as they navigate these waters of life. My biggest wish for them as that they would trust God and His wisdom. He’s got this!

The Butler Bulldogs face Duke tonight and all of Indiana is alive with excitement. Including me! The game is just about to start so I’m hurrying through this post. I know you probably don’t care much about college basketball….but this is INDIANA and Indiana is ALL ABOUT BASKETBALL! 🙂

Maybe a victory will cure my PMS! 🙂

WHAT IS THE DEAL? Last night’s post was messed up (hence the reason there is only a money tree on my last post!!). I had written about my week of money fasting! It was a good one!
Now…something is wrong with this post too.
I can’t get this permalink thingy off of the entire post.
Sorry! I must go watch some basketball! Must be the hormones!

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