The Great BreakOut!

This Sunday, my family has a portrait sitting downtown. It’s part of a fundraiser for a local church. I bought the sitting to help a student with camp this summer. I’m not that good of a mom that I’d just go out and set up a family portrait. I’m not that organized, actually. So, I took the opportunity to bless and be blessed in this situation.


Both my teen girls and I have had major blemish attacks! Why this week? Huh? It’s crazy! When I say….blemish, I mean big honkin killer pimples!! ON OUR FACES!!! For real! I’m so aggrevated! Who wants to look like a zit-face in their family picture? Not any of us (vain chicks!!). We were focusing on something cute to wear all week… we’re praying for the heavenly zit healer to work magic on our F A C E S !! 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes. Darn hormones!

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