Allergy Attack

A few weeks ago, I had a bout with the allergies. My left eye was the focus of the problem. It felt like I had a stick in it. I rubbed it, I rinsed it….I peered into it searching for sticks or rocks or whatever it was that was causing me such pain. Nothing! Just misery! It took days to recover from it. It was something in the air and I had to ride it out…well, me and some allergy medicine that is!

Today, it’s hurting again. Something is aggrevating it and it’s feeling similar to the last episode. Itchy and annoying! I just want to cover it with a pirates patch and go to sleep for days or at least until it’s all better!

This eye problem joins a few other nagging issues I’m having. My stomach has been hurting for almost a week. (No, it’s not a tumor!) It’s an ulcer thing. I have been eating the Zantac like candy and have only felt a little relief. Many small meals seem to help too. And, if all this weren’t enough to kill a man….I have a crazy sore or fever blister under my tongue! Everything I say (I feel pain) everything I try to eat or drink (yea that hurts too) and I’m ready to drink lidocaine!

M I S E R A B L E !!!!

I want to go to sleep and wake up feeling brand new. Minus any old lady ailments!

Oh…and my in-laws are here for a visit and I have to work everyday! I’m so bummed! I wish I could be around to entertain and visit. They will be here through the weekend. I’m so glad they could get away and stay with us….we’ve missed them! 🙂

So, see why I need to feel better?

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