Poetry reveals….hard stuff

I’ve watched as my kids have grappled with “life” since we left our church.  Nothing is the same.   Life is forever different.  I wish I had answers for them.  I just don’t.  My prayer’s seem to be centered around the same things; direction, understanding and a clear vision of “what next”?  I’m sure God is tired of hearing it.  I know I’m tired of saying it.

All I can do…..is hang on and trust Him.  My goal this summer is to help my family get back on track.  With God’s help….I know we can do it.  As you can see, even time doesn’t heal all wounds. 


I pray for my sweet girl.  Her words sting my heart and fill my eyes with tears.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to be you, the God who sees every hurt and ache.  Help me to teach her how to move forward.  Life will never be easy…but it can be lived with victory. 


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