Packing for heaven…

Don’t freak out! I know you can’t take anything with ya to heaven! Duh! I just hopped on here for a second to let you know…tonight I’m speaking to some great ladies at Tea Creek Baptist Church. After the wild week of electrical mishaps, I had plenty of time to think on a topic. That’s where Packing For Heaven came in.

I’m going to do a little comparison with what we like to take along on trips and how each item can remind us of what we need to be doing everyday as we journey our way to HEAVEN!!
I hope it blesses them….and most of all, my Lord! I could use some prayers! If you don’t mind….attach my name to some please and stay tuned….I will surely be blogging about my night! 🙂

Thanks friends!


The ladies were great! The blessings were many! Both for them and the speaker. 🙂
Thank you for the prayers.

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