Summer Stealer!

Who did it? I demand to know right now!! Who swooped in and stole summer away from me? There is no way it’s over! Right? Oh man, I’m fighting the urge to be bitter! Just when I was getting into my laze around groove… ends!?!


I’m going to be mature and …suck it up and move on. How about a recap of things I’m thankful for from this past summer break? That’d be real interesting, huh? Well, probably not for you. But, I’m doing it anyway!

Summer 2010 (aka The summer that I’m so thankful I had!!)

1–My family. We were able to spend the whole summer together. That’s pretty cool for a mom with nearly grown teen kids. They were all home and glad to be there. I really like that! And them!

2–Getting paid. I passed a friend/co-worker in the hall today and she giggled and said…..”it was glorious sitting home and getting paid to do it!!”. Girlfriend, I agree! It’s much more fun to be paid during your break than not! No explanation necessary, right?

3–Bonus money. I was able to sell some of my gold for cash during the summer. I’m sorry to say that the first load I sold, the guy ripped me off. But the next pile…..I made some CHACHING!! This was very helpful in paying a few bills and buying some clothes for my kids! Wow, it was a blessing! I wish I could sell my tennis bracelet! Ally still needs a car!

4–Garage organized. It’s not perfect! But we spent a great amount of time in there and cleaned out trash and organized important to us stuff. That makes me feel so much better when I pull in now. Thanks, babe!

5–Maggie. We had to let go of our sweet black lab of 9 years. She had been a part of our family for so long. It was awful seeing her sickly. She was a great dog and we love & miss her so much! July was bittersweet. We didn’t want to see her hurting…..but letting her go stung!

6–Lunch dates. Over the course of the summer….we had several friend lunch opportunities. Not too many, just enough to hang out a while and catch up. Thanks to all our friends that called or invited us. We love you all! Betsy, Amy, Valerie….. Good times!

7–Sonic. We may have visited more than we should have. The chili-cheese fries & Strawberry limeade are ridonkulously awesome! Gates, Gavin & I…..really should stay far away from Sonic! Delicious & fattening!

8–Eclipse. Oh yea, it was worth it! Loved hanging out with my girls & son with their cool friends. They are so cool….even if I’m tagging along.

9–Ebay. We did a little buying and a little selling this summer. I like both! But, making money is my favorite! I’m about to put my tivo box and upgraded service on there (wanna buy it?).

10–Nutella. I think I may have been the only human left on earth that hadn’t made Nutella a part of her diet plan. Do not worry…it is now my staple go-to food! I love it! Yummmmmmmy!

So many great things happened this summer. We were blessed to be fed and housed (thank you Jesus). We went to movies, the lake, over to friends houses. Friends came over and partied at our house. It was busy at times….then laid back and quiet at others. I couldn’t ask for much more.

Besides a few more weeks off?!! 🙂

Oh well, back to school! Tomorrow begins a whole new year. Goodluck Ally on your last year of high school drama. Make this year count Gates. And Gavin, work hard and stay focused. I pray for each of you as you face this upcoming school year! I love you guys! Thanks for a fun summer!

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