My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

I’m inspired by Susie over at The Good News Girl blog. She has a post going on about her guilty pleasures and I just had to copy-cat her! What can I say…..I’m easily influenced! 🙂

There are many things that make me happy. I love life, my family….and my world. But like you….I have “things” in my life that just make me giddy! Here goes:

1–Mocha Frappe’s from McDonald’s (yes, I love them and I’m not even embarrassed to admit how badly they mess up my ability to sleep!!)

2–Nutella (I still can’t believe I haven’t been eating this wonderland of yummy for years)

3–PJ’s (I’m a professional lounger arounder!!)

4–Dates with my hubby (it can even be a ride to the store together)

5–COLTS football (I’m so happy it’s football season, YAY)

6–Sitting outside on my swing (I love my woods and animals)

7–Naps (thank you Fibromyalgia….it’s your fault I love naps so much)

8–Lunch with girlfriends (it’s small…but huge to my love tank)

9–Chili-cheese fries from Sonic (I know…..this is a sick habit)

10–My laptop (it’s really one of the best gifts my hubby’s ever given me) I LUV IT!!

It’s fun to admit your weaknesses. Especially when they all enhance who I am in some way or another. Don’t you think investing in yourself is worth it? I do! Make a list of what makes you happy! I bet you’ll find you can go on and on with blessings!

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