I’m thrilled to have a short week. I could really get used to 3 day weekends and 4 day work weeks. It sounds like I’m living large, just saying it! It’s not been an easy day back at the old grindstone though. Mrs. Mackey (my partner in crime) came into the classroom to find her computer down! Completely down! It wouldn’t let her log in with her username/password for anything. In case you didn’t know….everything we do, we need our computers to do it!

Class attendance
Input grades
Look up missed assignments
Find students
Work & more!!

All of it….on that little thing called a computer! If it’s not connecting….we’re stuck!

By the end of the day, I found a little irony in the lack of access to the computer system and my relationship with Christ. If I’m not plugged in (actively engaged with the Lord)….I’m pretty much powerless! Just like we’ve been in our classroom all day. I don’t know about you….but I need that Jesus connection!

Thanks for the reminder, Lord! I’m putting my focus on you! 😉 I don’t want to be stuck without YOU!!

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