Don’t give up…

It’s funny how today’s post on (in)courage is titled Push. After I read it, I thought about how many times my friends or family have asked me the hard questions. The one’s that I avoided facing! Like, “When are you going to go back to school?”. Or, “When are you going to write your book?”. And my favorite one….”When am I going to see you on stage, speaking?”. I love all of these questions.


I’m famous for preaching to other’s about putting God in a box. Yet, I do it all the time myself! {Hypocrite} I believe He can do all things though me. I guess I just don’t think I’m worthy of some of those things. Maybe you do that too?! If you do… message to you (and to me) today is to push forward and chase after whatever it is that you’re dreaming of!

Don’t give up…

If you’re dreaming of writing a book (like me)…..start pecking on your keyboard in your freetime! If you’re dreaming of quitting your high stress job (like me)….start praying and searching out what it is that God would bless you with. If you’re dreaming of going back to school or changing your career path… it! And find a friend that will support you in prayer and encouragement!

I’m claiming today, to stop the fretting over what isn’t in my life and going after what it is that I really want!

Goodluck to you, friends. Don’t live another day unhappy about your circumstances! 🙂

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