For the last few days….I’ve caught little tidbits of news coverage of the Chile miners rescue mission. I know that it’s been broadcasted almost constantly on most news channels but I’ve not had the free time to just sit and watch tv. So, my viewing has been limited. However, the footage that I have caught has nearly done me in. My heart gets this heavy feeling that I can’t describe. Even though the outcome is victorious…..I still can’t help but think about the what-if’s?!!

See the crazy I deal with?

Each time I’ve witnessed the basket open and one of these men stepping out…..tears fill my eyes and my chest tightens. I think of the guys in my life (my hubby & son) and imagine myself standing vigil outside that mine shaft. I even played my reaction through my head to them being one of the rescued. I couldn’t think of anything except falling to the ground in worship. I would be so thankful that I would literally do that……then hug my loved one until I smooshed them.

Be still my heart!

I’ve heard some of them are doing a bit of life rearranging. It only seems right. I can’t imagine going through that sort of trauma/event and not wanting to change the stuff that’s not right. God bless them. Life as they “knew” it is gone. God has given them a whole new start to a life that many never get. I pray for them as they face this new journey. Many of them will possibly have permanent medical conditions due to the two months spent underground. Thank God, again for the medical folks that helped them sustain this ordeal.

It is simply a MIRACLE!

What about you. Are you trapped? Maybe not in a mine shaft but in a bad habit or in some sort of sin? Life has a way of entangling us. It can hold us hostage. But God, he is the ultimate rescuer.

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