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When I was in the 4th grade, I won the “Chatty Cathy” award in my class. I was devastated! I set my hopes on something nobel and fancy like “Happy Hannah” or “Smart Sally”… just imagine my disappointment? When I brought home the award my mom giggled out loud. She knew, I had earned it. I was chatty!

I have another memory along the same line as that. On my progress reports my teacher’s would leave little messages to my parents…..”Wanda likes to visit with her neighbors” or “Spends too much time talking”. I wish I could say I was railroaded…but I can’t! I deserved it. I’ve always been a talker. I love being friends and making friends.

Over my lifetime, I’d like to believe that God picked me special to have the friends I’ve had. He’s certainly lavished some of the world’s BEST on me. Some people say they have A best friend, but I say I have tons of besties. And I do.

Along this path I’ve found love from women in all walks of life. In seminary, it was a group of ministry wives. We bonded over coffee late at night. We met every week to laugh, talk and pray for our husbands and kids. During those nights we found a deep connection beyond our original intent. We found REAL friendships. Marilyn and Terry are still on the top of my friend list (even though we’re separated by many states). We pick right back up anytime we talk or see each other. I can trust them and rely on them…..and they can me. Even with the ugly stuff that we never want anyone to know. That’s a real friend.

Moving away from everyone you love can be pretty daunting. Especially when you move so far that you have no choice but to start over with friendships. I lived a whole year in Indiana before I met my BFF Tabbi. I was introduced to her by another bestie, Sara Jo. God has such a cool plan when it comes to relationships. Both of these women came into my life at just the right time for just the right reasons. Each of them have played a great part in molding me into the woman I am today. They sharpen me as a wife, mother and person. I can’t think of anything negative to say about either of them. They’re the real thing! It’s friends like these that remind me….I don’t have to go through anything alone.

Both ministered to me when I needed it most.

The place I live now would be unbearable if it weren’t for my sweet friend Betsy. God sent her to my high school just for me (don’t tell her…she might get totally bummed). She is a young, smart and all around fun person. She keeps me balanced. I tend to be wound up pretty tight and seriously on the “right” about everything. Betsy is levelheaded and able to rationalize things that I get all in a tizzy over. She’s a friend that you can share stuff with and know it’s not going to be used against you in anyway. She’s not perfect….and neither am I which makes us perfect friends. She’s not afraid to speak the truth to me. {That is a true friend}.

I heard Dr. James Dobson say many years ago on FOTF that women need women. He went on to say that men are NOT equipped to meet the emotional side of women. That’s why female friendships are so vital. Husbands are not built to meet all of our emotional happiness. It’s not a bad thing….it’s simply a fact. He opened my eyes with his “permission” to nurture womanly friendships. Once I started to purposefully be friends with other ladies…..everything else started to smooth out in my life. I enjoyed my husband & family even more thanks to my emotional love tank being filled. I learned to do stuff with other women and have fun while doing it. Before I felt guilty if I did anything outside of my own family. I’m so grateful for the sweet women God has placed in my friend circles.

I’m a better me….because of them.

“The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense”. Proverbs 27:9

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