Bye, Dude

It’s been a great week of hanging out! I consider myself a seasoned professional at it too. I like home! And I like it even better when all my people (my hubby & kids) are there. Having a kid in college takes forever to get used to. I don’t believe you ever get totally used to it…you simply adjust.

Today was the BIG game! Indiana University vs. Purdue. This little rivalry is one for the Indiana history books. He didn’t have a ticket, so he planned to be “home” (his college apartment) to watch it with his roommates. I understand.


He left. But, not before he snagged himself a little Christmas tree. 🙂

Have a great last few weeks of school, son. Study hard, sleep well and BE CAREFUL!! I’ll be praying for you….everyday! I’ll be missing you, all 202.2 pounds of you!
Love, Mom

Oh and WAY TO GO IU!! Way to bring that bucket back home! Yeehaw!

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