They Can’t Explain It!!

Those words…..were just what my dear friend told me yesterday that she had prayed for me. God heard her and many other’s. Thank you to my family and friends for beating down heaven’s door on my behalf. I can’t explain the many emotions I’ve felt since last Saturday when I found a mysterious lump in my breast.

Can you say….STOP in your tracks? I literally did just that. {imagine screeching tires right now!}

From the moment I went into the hospital this morning….satan tried to throw darts my direction. But God would have none of it. I arrived to them not having MY paperwork but a lady named Jaunita who’s 30 years older than me. Thirty minutes later we were on our way with MY paperwork/referral from my doctor. Yes, Lord…Yes!

Once I was back in radiology, she told me that I would have the mammogram and then need to leave for lunch and come back for more testing. HUH? I wasn’t expecting to be there for anything other than the mammo. After we finished, she had me go back to my little waiting room. Just a few minutes later she came in and told me to come on back for an ultrasound. Did that, then they wanted to do more pictures via the mammogram.

After just a little wait….the sweet radiologist came back in and said, “We have no explaination for it, we can’t SEE ANYTHING!!”. Then she gave me a big hug and said, “This is GOOD NEWS!!”.

Overwhelming. Joyous. Amazeballs!

Me at the hospital.

God, you are the great physician. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough. I’m completely at a loss for words.
I trust YOU!

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