Queen of Lazy-ville

I’ve officially turned to some sort of human jello. Nobody should ring my doorbell in hopes of seeing an actual functioning adult. I’m teetering on the edge of total bum and loser. Neither of which sound very “responsible”. What is my deal? It’s just Christmas break! It’s not like I’ve been told to just give up. I’m suffering from a severe case of cabin fever too much free time laziness.


I’ve not worn “real” clothes since…umm, Saturday? It’s not healthy, ya’ll! Last night, I vowed to all of Facebook that I was definitely going to get motivated today and DO SOMETHING!! It’s currently 12:30pm and I’m on my bed (again) still in my pj’s! Perthetic! 🙁

I can’t complain about me too terribly. I did manage to take down the Christmas decorations yesterday. Now if we could just finish taking the tree apart and pack it away. Hmm, Honey? Your turn! 😉

But things are looking up. Tonight, I have P L A N S !! Yep! I’m even going to shower and put on some makeup. Hubby and I are going to meet friends for dinner. Not just any old friends either, friends with a new baby that I’ve been dying to meet for over a month! Yay!!! I can’t wait to see you tonight MISS AMELIA!! Oh and you too, B & P!

Ok, now that you know what a huge event I have ahead of me….I better get going. It could take me all day to get ready. hehe!

Why, why hasn’t someone told me about the show Tori and Dean? I cannot stop watching! Heeeeeelp!!?!
{see, I’m sick!}

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