My boy….he leaves again!

I can’t be the only mom to feel this way. Everytime he comes home, I get used to feeding him and picking up after him and BOOM! He packs up to leave again! Now, my heart and brain have to get used to him living somewhere else again. Somewhere that I’m not. 🙁

As he left today….I helped him get packed and sent him to the bank to deposit his rent money. Then we drove over to SCREAM-MART Walmart to grab a few groceries for him to eat on the next week or so {$ ChaChing, goodbye $95}. Before he left town, we met hubby at Sonic for a little goodbye lunch. It was all going great until my chilli-cheese fries arrived. I managed to drop them down the entire front of my body!! I didn’t miss a spot; scarf, hoodie, jeans & my seat! Got it! All over! 🙂

That’s what I get for getting all fancy and putting on real clothes today! Hrmph!

Now, I’m back home to quiet and missing my boy already. He has some big responsibilities to handle this week. A job, meeting with his counselor, creating a rockin spring semester and a hard conversation with roommates. I’m so proud of him! Standing up for what honors God isn’t always popular, but he isn’t afraid to do it! GO GAV! I’ll be praying for him as he takes on all this and more.

Can’t wait to see him again, soon! These visits just make me miss him more.

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