Benadryl does a body good

All week long, I’ve battled with the NO SLEEP MONSTER! Even though I was exhausted beyond imagination. I would fall into bed and then begin the toss-n-turn game. For hours, I would switch to my left then back again to my right. I was so tired that I felt like I’d pass out as soon as I made it to bed. But, nope! Didn’t happen!

Yesterday, right after work I drove straight to Walmart and purchased some children’s Benadryl. At my last doctor’s appointment, he suggested that I take a dose before bed to help me sleep. {I haven’t used it in several weeks} I had hopes that this would put me into la-la land.

It did! I slept like a baby. Thank goodness for a good night’s rest.

Note to me:
Drink from the nectar of the sleep gods (Benadryl) from now on or else!

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