What a week, huh?

I had big hopes for my break! BIG HOPES! But, as things go…..stuff doesn’t always play out like you “hope”. I had plans of going to IKEA in Cincy. Nope, didn’t happen! I had dreams of maybe catching a movie. Not, that would require way too much planning! I envisioned a nice dinner out (at least once), oh wait…I did go to Zwanzig’s with my WHOLE FAMILY on Sunday! That was nice! I would’ve liked a shopping trip one day (I’ve said it here before how I love going to the CITY to shop!). The week is gone! No going anywhere at this point! It’s time to regroup and jump back into school mode. 🙁

Why does spring break have to end so soon? It just got started, right?

I’m trying not to be a total whiner (even though it comes so naturally for me). But, I’m feeling blue and to top off my sadness that break is ending….I can see SNOWFLAKES falling outside right now! Can you believe the nerve of mother nature? Me either!

Come on, summer! I’m needing to see your hot sunny days!

Uhh, remind me that I said that when I’m fussing about the heat. Ok?

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