Teenage Daughters

I’ve spent the day shopping with my two teenage daughters.  We had a blast!  It’s always fun when we get to escape to one of our favorite cities (Louisville) and today was no exception.  We were on a little quest–PROM DRESS!! 

The prom is exactly one month away and there haven’t been any dress prospects.  None, at all!  Which is pretty unusual.  Each year we’ve been  blessed to find something extra special with plenty of time to spare.  This year, I was starting to get nervous.

I’ve scoured the internet.  Every favorite store.  I’ve shopped until my eyes and fingers dropped.  No luck.  But more than that……nothing that even sparked an interest in the girl WHO NEEDED THE DRESS.  😉

Last week,  we were shopping “online” and found a dream dress.  A gorgeous but  expensive dress.  Something unique (because that’s the top requirement) and completely classy (because that’s the other requirement)!!  This dress made us both…..swoon!

I immediately started googling it to find it for less than $___zillion dollars.  The lowest price I could find was $458.  Talk about bummed?  Oh yea, we just walked away from the whole idea.  But God…..He knew.

After stomping all over St. Matthews mall today…..a prom dress was beginning to feel like a lost cause.  {Have I mentioned how many hours I’ve spent on ebay too?  Uhh, shamefully..too many}  Except, Gates found a cute prom dress and even purchased it.  The problem there?  She’s not been asked to the prom and isn’t old enough to go alone.  But, she has a dress.

I thought I’d give ebay another shot tonight.  Let me tell you how loud I squealed when I saw THE DRESS (the dress we fell in love with last week that was way out of our budget)!  I couldn’t help but flip!  Whoever was selling it had purchased it to wear to a wedding and it just happens to be white (Uhh, sorry girl…everybody knows only the bride wears white on HER wedding day!).  Yay, us!    Yay, Jesus and His blessings!

Oh and the way He blesses……it’s JUST HER SIZE too!  Size 4!   You can’t slap the smile off my face right now.  It’s permanent!

I love my girls and when I heard this on the CMA awards tonight…..I knew I had to share it.

http://www.youtube.com/embed/THWlDUHgOIc”   [sorry about the goofy link]

 And about the dress?   It’s white, with feathers and has the letters BCBG in the tagline!

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