Weekends are for workin!

Saturday was beautiful here in the land of rain! We actually had nice weather and spent the whole day outside working. Hubby drug out every yard tool we own and went to town. Before long, the rest of us wandered out and observed helped. I wish I could brag about my own contribution to the beautification of my yard but I was a mere supervisor/cheerleader.

Go Team Hubby! 🙂

What to do when everything breaks?

You hire cheap help! 😉

And your shade-tree mechanic calls a feller for advice….

Then things get really heated!

In case you’re wondering….they’re burning the old oil buildup out of the carburetor. I hope!

Did a little brick work on our walkway.

While all the work was going on out front…these bums chilled out.

This sweet girl was working on her prom flowers…

Then we woke up on Sunday to this…

It was a busy weekend. On Sunday we hopped out of bed and spent the day with Gavin. Church and moving…in the stinkin rain! 🙁

Counting down the days until prom this Saturday and still no dress, shoes or final hair decisions! OH THE PRESSURE!!

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