Second Best

One of these days……

I’m going to figure out how to be content and leave well enough alone. I think I’ve mentioned a time or twenty about the 2nd dress we ordered for prom. Just like we laughingly joked, it arrived yesterday…..the Monday after the prom! Oh the irony!

It was a complete letdown. I regret even chasing the dream that it could be more beautiful than what Ally wore on Saturday. The real prom dress looked amazing and was of very high quality. All you had to do was look at it and you could see….it was expensive and classy! Dress #2, cheap and shabby….sort of like a costume. Blek!

The lesson for me is to stop dreaming of better. Find what you like and be satisfied. Oh and of course make GOOD decisions in the first place. I’m not just talking about buying fancy dresses either. I’m thinking about many life decisions. Stop searching for the best and trust God to do His work.

He knows what he’s doing. Me, I’m just winging it most days…

I saw this on another blog yesterday and had to share it. It brings a bit of perspective to my life and I bet it will yours too.

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