10 DaYs

Yes, you read that right! In ten school days, sisterfriend will be sleeping in (surely til 8am) and hanging out in pj’s whenever I feel like it! SCHOOL WILL BE OUT! Yeehaw, I can’t wait! Except…..my girl. She’s graduating HS and leaving me there (with her little sister). Both of us are mentally trying to ignore that whole scene of starting back to school in the fall…minus her!

This morning we pulled the car out of the garage and waited a bit for her to run out carrying all her stuff. But she didn’t come out and I had to do hall duty, so I left. {Don’t flip Rick…she had another way to school} As we pulled away, I thought of how that would be our new plan in the coming year. Sad thought for a mama bear.

We’re tight! At least I thought so until she walked on past me in the hall at school and tried not to speak to me. Huh? I had to yell her name to make her turn back to me. I tried to explain she wasn’t in trouble and that I wasn’t mad she was running behind. I just had to go and knew she could drive Poppy’s car. She smiled and went on. I love to see her smiling in my hallway, going about her business with her friends. I really will miss her.

We’ve just returned from a wild senior trip weekend. It was so much fun! Hubby and I chaperoned the class of 2011 to Gatlinburg, TN. We partied it up at Dollywood on Friday, stayed at the most amazing hotel/lodge (Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort) and spent Saturday white-water rafting! Every mile of the trip was a blast. Even the coooooold river water in the face! Weeeeeee!

Now it’s down to business. Tomorrow morning at 8:30am she takes her first step down the aisle towards her goal. Graduation practice #1! I’ll be in my room (Oops! No, I won’t…I have a senior English class that period)…I’ll be there to watch her take her place among her peers and do what it is these punks do. Graduate. 🙂

For the next 10 days……I’ll be feeling up & down as I weather the storm of my girl moving on.

Goodluck, Allyanne!

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