Oh, The End!

It’s been a long weekend. Literally. So much has happened and been accomplished. I’m exhausted. I have to go to bed. But, I wanted to throw up a post before I fell into la-la land. I’m likely to get busy again….and not post for a while.

[I have told you about graduation, right?] It’s this next Saturday.

I have to be at school by 7am in the morning to decorate for senior breakfast. I’m feeling a bit melancholy about it all. The busyness of life interrupts the reality of what’s going on (I think). Plus, I’m extra tired. Which isn’t good. I keep battling the sore throat thing…..it’s a sign. Slow down!

My girl will be lining up with all her peeps tomorrow, waiting anxiously to get into the cafeteria for their FINAL meal in high school. Wow! Pancakes served on a paper placemat with a trip down memory lane video to boot. It will be emotional for them and for the parents that will be there serving. But that’s how it goes. Good times end. Life moves on.

She’s going to love all the special moments of this event and hide them forever in her heart.

So will I.

Congratulations Ally & the class of 2011!

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