We Are Plumbers

No, not really but we do act like them.

Once upon a time there was a little spot on our living room ceiling. I said, “Honey, I think we might have a leak upstairs!”. He took a looksie and thought outloud…..”Oh No!”.


Spot on ceiling grows and changes to an even uglier color and shape. Not good, ya’ll!

Fast forward to a lovely day. We’ll call it, Father’s Day 2011! Hubby KNEW we had a leaky faucet in our upstairs main bathroom. We stopped by Home Depot after a great lunch at The Cracker (Barrel) and purchased got robbed a new spigot/handle/shower combo to replace the jacked-up one. Around $100 chaching!

Hubby decides that he might as well cut a hole in the ceiling and survey the problem going on in it’s secret hiding place. Uhh, yea….here’s where life gets hectic and very sad for the whole family. 🙁

You know that moment…the one you wish you could take knowing something back? I think he’s having it right about now in this picture. Darn leaky OLD copper pipe!!!! Oh and if you’re wondering…yes, it’s pouring the water like a faucet that’s been turned on. So awful!


All I can say (cause it’s so long to really tell you) is that I made 3 trips to Home Depot which is in another town on Father’s Day Sunday. We lived (barely) without water all day & night until hubby could turn it on again after the many different repairs that had to be done. By 3am when he finally got it to stop spraying water like crazy….we were back in business.

I can’t tell you how thankful he was to have the world’s greatest plumbing assistant, ALLY helping him. They worked together and made plumbing magic in our very unfortunate circumstance. She was amazing! Not once…..did they argue, fuss or snap! The messes were in all 3 bathrooms and our living room. You probably can’t imagine what I mean by mess. But it was a horrible catastrophe!

Everything is almost back to normal. Tonight, he’s back in trying to perfect some of the work from Sunday night. I’m just thankful that we (he) was able to fix it. This would have been a $2000 plumbing bill. Eeek!

So, what’s happening fancy in your world? Don’t try topping my stuff. It’s impossible. 🙂

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