Gettin Crafty

A few weeks ago, I won a cute neckace on a blog (thank you Rita @Suburbs Mom). When I opened it up and saw all it’s adorableness, I knew it was time for me to get crafty! I’m a certified fabric hoarder so I didn’t have to go out and buy any of that. I did, however have to purchase craft backing for a base (a whopping .79 cents) to stick the rosettes on and a little bit of ribbon. Gee, it was awfully hard trying to decide on just the right color ribbon. Thankfully, I had my creative cheerleader hubby with me and he helped me make some solid choices.


I started by making the rosettes. Let me just go ahead and throw this out there…..I burnt my fingers like nobody’s business. Me and the hot-glue gun….are up close-n-personal. Sizzle city! I had to work in stages. I made as many rosettes as my fingers could handle. Yes, I know you can sew these things….why do that when you can show people serious burn marks and look supertough? Duh. After cooling off a few days, I jumped back in.

That was today.

I ended up putting together five adorable necklaces. I’m wearing one right now. See?

Do you like? I love. I tried to get creative with the color combinations and I know someone will be just as cheesy as me and love them. Mother-in-law I’m talking to you. hehe. I can’t wait to GIVE SOME away!! Yep, soon…..I’ll be doing a little giveaway here at the Kingdom. Can’t wait! I tried to snap a few photo’s but do you know how hard it is to photograph necklaces? It’s nearly impossible. Try to imagine, ok?

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