Hey, Camera Guy

Do you ever feel like your life would make a great documentary? I have those days too. It’s not that I find myself overly fascinating or anything. I would lean more towards the wacky entertaining type of documentary. Life is an adventure and mine is no exception.

Funny things happen to me.

~I was shopping with my young children at a local grocery store (way back when). A nice older gentleman approached for some friendly conversation and to pay my three little darlin’s a compliment on their good behavior. After he told them how nice it was to see such well-bahaved children shopping with their mama. My middle child looks up at him with the sweetest smile and says, “Our Dad is gone and our Mom is a chocoholic!”. He didn’t miss a beat…patted her curly blonde head and walked away giggling. I realized then, time to tone down my chocolate obssession. “People” are talking!

~One summer we were camping at our favorite beach spot at St. Andrews State Park. Just down the road from us were our dear friends who were camping too. We had a little medical emergency with hubby and I had spent the day running back and forth to the pharmacy. I jumped out of my car not realizing I had locked my keys inside. 🙁 Moments later our friends drove up to see how they could help. Both our vehicles are Chevy Suburbans….he tried every door and then slid his key into my back door and CLICK it opened! Imagine the surprise on all of our faces. It was the craziest blessing I’d ever witnessed.

~We were new to seminary and didn’t know anyone. My husband invited a classmate and his wife over for dinner and I was so excited. So much so, that I doubled up on the hamburger meat for my spaghetti that night. I was anxious to impress my new friends and hoped they were hungry. Little did I know, my new friend didn’t eat beef. Talk about embarrassed? That was one of my most humbling moments…ever. Lucky for me, God had already decided she would be one of my lifetime friends. See ya soon, Toni! 😉

I could go on and on with crazy stories. I’ve done silly things like walked into the mens restroom at a theme park on accident, driven up a ramp THE WRONG WAY in a busy city (with a car full of kids!!), fallen up a staircase and sang off-key when people were listening. That’s just the way life is. It’s full of stuff to laugh about. At least that’s what I’m telling the camera crew.

“You have granted me life and lovingkindness;
And Your care has preserved my spirit.” Job 10:12

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