Look, I can’t be held responsible for your downfall if you get yourself all mixed up with Pinterest! I’ve got my own problems, mm’k? Seriously, I’m not even a “real” pinner. I just sneak in and lounge around for hours like I have nothing else important to do.

Don’t judge me. I’m a sick person and I can’t help it. 😉

Look at some of the wonderful things you can find there—–>

I want a house that has this kind of room. Don’t you?

Isn’t he sweet? My Ally is in mad love with owls right now. I must admit, they are awfully cute.

Oh Gee, look who it is. Edward. I’ve missed you, dude. See you in November.

See what I mean….so many funny sayings to crack me up. I especially like the ones that use scripture. Whoever submits them, thank you.

I’m going to stop now because I believe that I may be a candidate for a true Pintervention. I’ve stayed up AGAIN way too late thanks to Pinterest and now I’ll suffer for it. Somebody stop me!

Dear Pinterest Inventor,

I LOVE YOU! Don’t ever go away! And don’t listen to any legal threats you may receive from my family. They don’t mean it. Promise.

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