The Land of THE LOST

Stuff tends to get lost in my family.  We spend ridiculous amounts of time going through junk looking for IMPORTANT things.  It’s been a way of life that for some reason, I just can’t get used to.  I like neat and tidy.  I love organization.

When you live with ADHD people, it’s just not possible.

I’ve even become one of them.  Not ADHD (although, I’m beginning to wonder) just disorganized and forgetful.  Maybe it’s contagious?! 

We’ve been tearing our house apart looking for the title to Gavin’s car.  It’s here, somewhere…..and we’re sure to find it as soon as we fill out everything and pay again at the BMV!

Don’t ya hate that?  Grr, me too!

 See that cute kid (that’s my boy when he was 16 or so)?  Today, he’s selling this cool car.  He’s been driving the little hotrod since he was 16!  It’s taken him everywhere he’s wanted to go and then some.  I think he’s having a little anxiety about letting it go.  I understand.

But if we don’t find that darned title….   😉


We need your direction.  Help us find this important document and make a great deal with a buyer.  We want to be responsible and honor you with all of our steps.


UPDATE:  The lost title has been found.  Literally an hour after the replacement was ordered at the BMV on Friday.  It was in the glovebox of his car!  🙁

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