I’m Stumbling

I do not need anymore distractions in my life.  Especially when they come in the form of computer time.  I’m somewhat of an addict with my netbook.  Some people love their iphones….I love my computer!

I’ve battled the vortex of Blogging, Facebook, Pinterest, Ebay and even online shopping/surfing.   During my “time” online I would see Stumble Upon icons everywhere and wonder…..what is that?

Yea, I’ve figured it out now and  I LOVE IT!!

It’s addicting (of course) and a great way to find stuff that people like me (narrowminded little safe types) wouldn’t normally see.  I tend to “hang” out in the same circles, like in real life. So, I miss stuff! Not anymore, baby.

Now I just need a few more hours in my day to STUMBLE around the internet world.

Have you heard of this magical phenom?

What is Stumble Upon?
It’s a cool way of surfing around the web with just one click. Instead of searching for something particular (say like in google) SU randomly selects neat things that are interesting. The range is unending. You fill in topics that interest you (at the beginning) and it selects items geared towards that topic. Check it out!

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