My Favorite Day

Everybody loves Friday, am I right? It’s my favorite day of the week. It holds no special power other than it marks the end of the work-week and who doesn’t love surviving another hard week at the office? Let’s face it, weekends are for fun and relaxation! Both of which….I am a professional!

My weekend will be spent car searching. It’s finally time to make something happen for both Gavin and Ally. If you’ve done any car shopping lately, you know everything is sky-high in price. What happened to getting a decent car at affordable prices? 🙁

It’s also fall in Indiana AND THE LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER!! Can you believe that? Me either! October is birthday month for hubby and me. Seriously? I thought I just had one. hehe! Oh the 40’s….they seem to be on fast-forward!

Make sure to enjoy yourself this weekend. It’s too beautiful out to stay inside….so GO, DO SOMETHING FUN AND EAT FALL FOODS!! I sure will.

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