Stairway To Heaven

This is my life today. I typed up a funny little story to go with my staircase pictures but WordPress ate it. So, here’s what we’re doing at my house on this gorgeous fall day.

Yesterday’s room clean-out just wasn’t labor enough for me….I had to go and get hubby all worked up over the staircase! It’s only been a thorn in our side since the day we moved in July 2002. Just about everyone who’s ever visited us has taken a tumble down these stairs.

They are a custom built nightmare!

So, we’re off to the hardware store to drop some moola on the basics that it will take to spruce them up and make them a little safer!

I’d like to add that while I love my house…..the repairs to a custom built house from 1965 are costly and never standard. Hence the “custom” in the name! NEVER, NEVER WILL I BUILD A HOUSE WITHOUT FOLLOWING SOME GUIDELINES. Nothing ever fits. 🙁

But….it’s solid! 🙂

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