Who Needs Insurance?

No thanks to Obama’s healthcare plan! I don’t want his idea of medical coverage. I would, however…..like to be able to GO TO THE DOCTOR, have needed tests run and be able to actually FILL THE PRESCRIPTIONS that my family needs!

Living without health insurance since 2008 has proven to be a dance with the devil! Literally, we have walked through illness scares with more fear than one can imagine. Last year, when I found the “lump” in my breast for example. I don’t know which I was more afraid of–the actual lump or the fact that if it was cancer I would have to die before my family’s eyes because I’m not insured to fight it off.

Every single month, I chase around pharmacies trying to find the most affordable location to purchase my husband’s medication. I’ve mentioned his ADHD, right? Well, hubby minus med’s means he doesn’t F U N C T I O N !! For real! It was around $80 a month until this summer when the sky fell and it skyrocketed up to a whopping $150. What I’m not mentioning? Is two of my children need that same exact prescription as well, plus inhalers to boot!

It’s a game of share and stretch!

I don’t know how else to rant about this other than to just say it. IT TICKS ME OFF!!! I’m angry about it! I feel stressed constantly. What if? I bet that’s what you’ve been thinking too. What if, God forbid…something tragic happens? That’s one of my constant fears!

One car accident. One appendectomy. One bout of pneumonia. One emergency room trip can literally put my family back on a road of financial disaster. I’m smart enough to know that my family isn’t the only one in this position either. It boggles my mind how many hard-working Americans (like me) are uninsured!

I hope you’re not walking a medical tightrope. I can’t imagine how long my family can outrun this situation. Eventually, it will catch up and then…

Who knows?

You care about every detail, even health insurance. My family is 100% in your capable hands. Thank you for protecting us for the last 3+ years. I pray you will continue to “cover” us.

PS–Do not take healthcare for granted. (Not that you do) It is a blessing.

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