Sweet Dreams

Here I am again….up too late for my own good.  It’s one of my biggest weaknesses right alongside a little thing I call chocolate.  Pathetic, I know.  But a girl could have so many other bad habits, right?

I’m blaming it on Pinterest.  If I’m at liberty to say…I’m betting there are a ton of other’s out there all wacked out on the Pinter too!  It’s like a drug and it keeps drawing me in.  I’m full blown addicted!

It’s obvious I need to go to bed– because,  just take a look at the things I’ve been pinning tonight.

First, have you seen this?  Good grief!  I’m thinking of naming it the PMS bed.

They call it The Moody Chair.  For real!  I can see why, can’t you?  hehe

Ok, now who can relate here?

And this for the sheer beauty of it.  Can you imagine sleeping there?  Wow, luxury!

Purple pow!

Since I’m pretty much smearing the sleep theme in your face, what kind of sleeper are you?  Do you like to hit the hay early and rise and shine after a good 8-10 hours?  Or are you like me, a night owl up way too late hooting & howling as if you have no responsibilities in the world?

Whichever you are….I still think you’re pretty awesome!   Make this day a hump day to remember.  Tell someone you love them and smile every chance you get.  No one will ever know if you’re sleep deprived or not!  Teehee!  😉

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