Gladys Gets An iPhone

I know my friends are going to flip! I’m constantly listening to their little jabs regarding my ooooooold cellphone. I can’t blame them, I make fun of me too. I’ve had the same very simple grannyfied phone for the last 3 years. Now that isn’t too terribly long except have you noticed the CHANGES in technology since then?

My old phone is now good for nothing! You cannot reactivate it or hand it over to a friend in need. It’s a real dinosoar! 🙁

Who knew?

Oh yea, ME!

I’ve really wanted to join the ranks of all my cool peeps out there (and I swannee, ya’ll–if you are making fun of me…keep it to yo self!) by getting an Apple iphone! But, I was a little intimidated! I despise trying to use my kids or hub’s phones (they all use the fancypants Droids). It’s like space ship controls!

Iphones are new, hip and cutting edge! Right?

I knew at Christmas that my hubby was buying me one. Period, end of discussion. So, I readied myself for all the awesome and today….the little beauty came home (thank you Federal Express guy).

Just look at me. Smitten! Happy! Possibly a little uptight, but overall–HAPPY! Don’t let the startled expression fool you. That’s just “surprise & click”!
Thank you, dear son for snapping such a flattering photo of your mom.

I’ve been playing with it all day and I have decided — what in the world was I waiting for? It is the greatest little gadget ever! Thank you Steve Jobs & best hubby in the universe!

And look, I’ve even blinged her up already! Pretty, huh?

It’s my favorite Christmas present…. ever! 😉

And no, my name isn’t Gladys. I just feel that old and behind the times.

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