You’re Just Right

Being a girl is hard. Raising a few, even harder. I’ve been a mom long enough to know that what I do and say to my girls affects them forever. Now, I’ll be the first to admit…I’ve messed up a time or two and hurt my kids but it’s not because I wanted to. I can only blame my flesh and foolishness for the mistakes I’ve made. Thankfully, I have a Redeemer that’s willing to pick me back up (stretch me into His likeness) and set me on track again.

Isn’t forgiveness one of the greatest gifts?

I do a lot of reading on parenting and relationships. I like to see how other people feel about the stuff I’m going through in my own life. I’ve been influenced by many great author’s (Dr. Dobson, Dannah Gresh, Vicki Courtney, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur etc) when it comes to parenting. I trust them and their proven advice. I know they have sought God first and then written from their heart for you and me.

Recently, I read an article about how we talk to little girls. It took me right back to my own “little girl” days with my girls. They were so cute and everywhere I went someone would comment on their physical beauty. At the time I didn’t really think about the lasting affects of it. But, I realize now that were programmed to be beautiful. It’s what the world is screaming, along with being smart or popular.

Is that the message I want for my girls? Or yours?

I’ve got a better idea. Let’s teach our girls they are worthy. Not because of their appearance or their performance but because Christ made them that way. They aren’t to be loved based on the way they look or act–they are loved because they are JUST RIGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD!

As I look at photograph’s of my girls and I think of them separately each as a person. I see beautiful & unique young women. Each of them shaped a little differently inside and out. Both of them, FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE by a loving God who knew just what He was doing when he made them. How can I as their mother embolden them to live knowing they are HIS and not the world’s? That what they do or how they look isn’t what defines them?

By telling them the truth.

“God loves YOU. There is nothing YOU can ever do to make Him love YOU more than He already does. There is nothing YOU can ever do to make Him love YOU less than He already does. He loves YOU perfectly. He loves YOU so much he wants to spend eternity with YOU. Who YOU are in Jesus is the only thing that matters; God loves YOU, He forgives YOU and has a wonderful plan for YOUR life, a plan to give YOU hope and a future. God loves YOU!”

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