My Fitness Pal

I downloaded this cool app on my iPhone last night and I’m already riddled with guilt! The app? My Fitness Pal. Google it, I linked to it but it popped up under my name and you don’t want to go there. It’s pretty amazing!


Once I registered all my information, it gave me a goal amount of calories for the day. [1200] Then, I started to record all that I had eaten that day….and I’m not an overeater (SERIOUSLY). By the time I was finished with dinner, I had a negative 241 calories to account for.


So, I’ve got some serious changes to make. I’m just hoping this guilt induced app will help me do it!

I don’t want to be a hundred-blah blah blah anymore!

PS- If you join MFP, my username is queenieslk! We can do it together. 😉

Here’s a link: My Fitness Pal

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