Raise Them Right or Watch Them Suffer

This morning I caught a NEWS STORY about a father who turned in his teenage son for a fight caught on a YOUTUBE video. It wasn’t really a fight, it was more like an attack! He and his friends are shown beating the snot out of another boy all while some upstanding friend captures it (for fun) with his cellphone. Nice, huh?

The parent was speaking out because of the treatment his son was receiving since the arrest. He was concerned that the boy was being held to a higher standard than the other’s involved. He didn’t understand why the authorities were taking such a harsh stand. His reason? He had no prior criminal record!

I thought immediately (after watching the video aired on the show) that the only reason he has no prior record is because he hasn’t been caught until now. As a mother, it would be hard for me to NOT KNOW my kid was a bully or a kid that participates in fights. {I don’t have my head in the sand! Do you?}

What does it take for a parent to raise healthy and mature kids? I’ll tell ya, constant effort! You can’t turn your head when it comes to parenting. It’s not funny when they do cute little mean behaviors (take a gander on Youtube). It’s serious! Don’t allow your kids to “perform” inappropriate habits because they seem funny! It sends a confusing message!

Like: People laugh at me when I do bad things! 🙁

It’s important how your kids treat other people — > classmates, peers, friends, elderly, adults and strangers. Our society is becoming more and more mixed up. I see it all the time…..I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a building behind a grown or young man that let the door shut right in my face. Or stood in a waiting area/room while more than one man sat watching me stand there. How embarrassing FOR THEM!

Manners are becoming a thing of the past. 🙁

So is accountability! Surely, you’ve heard the news of the Italian cruise ship? The disgrace of a captain jumping ship? I’m sure his family feels so proud of his valiant efforts to save himself. It’s all part of that ME syndrome. I care about me more than anyone else around me so I COME FIRST! I can’t see this as normal and neither should you.

It’s a privilege to be a parent. Take it seriously. Train your children to love others and to treat them with respect. Fighting on a youtube video isn’t honoring to God or even funny!

I’ll end with this last thought. The news story mentioned that the dad was alerted to the video by family members who’d watched it on Youtube. My question is WHY?

Who’s watching that garbage?

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