We Are Kings

I'm almost ready to give the four-legged creatures living in my house a one-way ticket out of town. Yesterday, the puppy actually scooted me over from where I was cooking dinner to pee on my floor. I do not kid about such craziness. This really happened! Over the weekend we (the whole family) spent an entire day cleaning our house. I washed rugs AGAIN and vowed in my best Scarlett O Hara voice that I would not be putting down anymore rugs AS GOD AS MY WITNESS!

Yea, I got weak and put my favorite one down in my bathroom (it's a matter of safety) and it couldn't have been there 15 minutes when I discovered the wet mess! I possibly screamed loud enough to be heard down the street.

I am battle weary…

Dogs & teenagers may be my ultimate demise. Somebody tell me its going to end soon (the potty training) not my days on earth. I'm walking on bare floors here. I love my rugs. I really love them clean & fluffy! I just want a pee free house!

On a happier note my hubby found a delicious recipe for dinner and with minimal assistance he cooked it up. I blame it on laying in bed on Saturday morning watching cooking shows. They'll inspire you to do great things. So he made fancy cabbage wrapped meat thingies
and I baked lemon poppyseed bread (2 loaves).

We are kings! Haha.

Which brings me to another funny moment from the weekend. I finally made it to the grocery store (make that two stores) and spent $300 on crap stuff we needed.  Gates was so excited, I heard her yell from the bathroom as she was helping me put stuff away…"WERE RICH!! WE HAVE Q-TIPS & HANDSOAP!!". Ahh yes, my child…we are!

See, I'm training them to believe the little things are really the big things!

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