In A Bottle

Have you ever wished you could bottle up a special memory?  I asked my hubby yesterday to share with me a happy memory.  Something that he thinks back on with fondness and joy.  I didn't mean to put him in a weird spot, I was simply wondering what are the things that have meant happiness to him.

His answer was similar to what most husband's would say…."I have many happy memories".  I understand.  I do too.  Pinning the most precious ones down involve our kids and times that we've spent together with them.  Honestly, there are tons of special moments.  It's hard to name them specifically.

But, I challenge you to think of what memories hold the most significance in your life.  Share them with your family. Write them down and give them to someone who will cherish knowing your love.  I'm working on my own…right now.

Do it, while the mind is still cooperating.  enlightened


Happy Monday, friends.  This week is going to be great!  Spring break begins on Friday and the weather here in Indiana is crazy beautiful!  We've had to turn on the A/C because we still have no leaves on our trees.  Let's hope next week is just as awesome.

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