Weather or Not

Living in Indiana is an adventure! Especially when it comes to weather. It’s April 11th and the high today is 50 degrees! I’ve bragged repeatedly about our mild winter and now here I sit wearing these…..


Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing boots. I just get a little fashion confused when I have to go back to all the clothes I’ve just put away. In other words, make up my seasonal mind…would ya!

I’m even wearing one of these….


Which again, I love! But come on now….I’ve been wearing shorts and short-sleeves for the last few weeks. Stop messing with me, Indiana weather!

People are going to talk.


The question of the day is what’s the weather where you are today? Are you in a tank top or bundled up like me?

Either way …. It’s hump day and Friday’s coming. Smile & make the best of it!!

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