Are You Listening?

Yesterday I asked you what you could buy with a penny.  Today, I'm wondering what sounds fill your day?  I've always been noise sensitive.  I don't know why.  Loud tv's (no biggie when it comes to music), screaming children in stores, roaring leaf blowers outside my window…all bother me.  I blame it on my mother.  She was always shushing me and I suppose I just picked that up as my duty.  

So, I spread it onto my own family.  Sorry, loved ones.  Especially those who struggle to hear like my hubby.  I know he has to have conversations repeated at times (thanks to some early life gunfire noise damage).  I've been known to get aggravated and snappy repeating what I've just said, again.  Sorry, babe!

Ears are sensitive!  Take good care of yours.  Got it?

It may sound weird, but I was thinking of all the different noises I hear in a day.  I'm in a loud environment during the work-day.  School noise is a mixture of voices, snorts, squeals, slams, coughs, yelling, chairs screeching, books falling, bells ringing and even toilet flushes (if you're so lucky to be in a classroom next to one of our bathrooms).  Ha!  

One of my favorite things to do when I get back home at the end of the day…is sit quietly and listen to the sweet sounds of shhhh, nothing!  Often, I find my ears are ringing.  A bad sign of how loud the day has been, huh?

I love thinking of all the wonderful things my ears hear each day.  My husband's words of love and admiration.  My children's sweet words and fun laughs.  The kindness of a friend.  A favorite song.  Prayers.  The final bell of the school day!  😉  My life is probably much like yours, in that, all around me are wonderful moments.  Isn't God so clever to bless us with hearing?

Think of all that you hear in a day.  Some of it wonderful….some a little noisy.  All of it — a gift!


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