Night of Jitters

I woke up yesterday feeling congested and itchy throat-like.  The itchy throat thing comes and goes around this "allergy" riddled time in Indiana.  I could sort of ignore it….but the chest congestion, not so much.  I thought I was having asthma problems.  The pressure was heavy and chronically annoying.

But you know me….I pushed on, people!

I worked all day, raced home for a fun exercise walk with my school bestie and cooked up a mean dinner & dessert.  By bedtime, I was seriously miserable.  I remembered that I have tons of prescription decongestants–why not take something?

Ding Ding!

I'm here to tell you (consider this a public service announcement).  DO NOT TAKE A DECONGESTANT AT BEDTIME!

My night of sleep was more of a date with disaster.  I was up and down, I flipped from side to side.  I was hot then cold.  I was jittery like a jumping spider and I probably got up to use the bathroom 7 times.  The night seemed to last forever.

Only, it wasn't refreshing.

The worst part?  I still feel terrible this morning.  The congestion is still there and my throat is now at level fire.  And sister's got the med shakes.  Not cool!


It's Friday and Prom weekend….I can't be ill.       crying

Hope your Friday is full of love and blessings!  I know many of you are finally getting your sweet college babes home–hug them, feed them and be ready for some new independance!  College seems to make them grow up right before your eyes!  Don't worry, they still need you.  Just make sure to step back a little and let them fly.  They won't disappoint you.

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