Summer Plans

I've found that the best way to prevent getting stuck in a rut is to JUST PLAN something and then do it!  So, while I wind down the last few weeks of school….I'm thinking of all the fun I want to have during my summer.  Some of my ideas aren't necessarily fun but if I'll just do them…I know I'll feel a sense of accomplishment.


I can only imagine what other's must think of me when they visit my house and have to throw something away in my garbage can.  The can is inside the packed & stacked "to the top" pantry.  I hate it.  It's like a magnet for extra stuff.  Surely, other people have stuff too.  I need to clean out the clutter.  


This one might do me in.  I can't even begin to describe the condition of the closets in our house.  It's the burden of not having much storage space and mixing it in with a family of disorganized people.  Disaster!  I really worry that the hoarder tv show people might visit and call me out on the packed mess.  Stuff equals stress to me.

Week # 3 — PAINT

I know I said that I had a bunch of painting to do over spring break….but, it didn't happen.  The hallways, kitchen, stairwell, family room & family room ceiling all need a new paint job!  I swear (imagine Scarlett O Hara) by all that is in me, I WILL PAINT MY HOUSE!  This might take a couple weeks but I'm willing to sacrifice.  Crockpot dinners will be a necessity or maybe even ordering out.  I can't do everything!

Week # 5 — WEDDING

I'm blocking off any frivolous items to attend my favorite Tennessee bumpkin friends SON'S wedding!  Woohoo!  I'm really excited to visit them and to watch as Dustin & Kandace begin their journey of love & commitment.  Congrats, lovebirds!

Week # 6 — VACATION

I'm not positive but since we are traveling to a wedding down south, it only makes sense to go a little further and visit the beach.  Fingers crossed, we will take a little hiatus and enjoy some fun in the sun.

I'm going to have to get back to you on the rest of my summer.  I've just counted the weeks and it looks like I'll be free for around 10 weeks.  Can you believe that?    I better get busy thinking of more "projects" to keep me on track.  Idle time seems to suck you into the blues and I don't need any blue days during my summer.  Know what I mean?

Here's to summer break!  Right?

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