No Excuses

I have no legit excuses for not posting other than yesterday I was on a book shopping field trip and today I'm cleaning like a mad woman!  Literally, if you drive by my house (I've been out pushing the mower) and see me outside….you will say to yourself<—>What is wrong with that lady?

I couldn't stand it any longer and bit off more than I can chew got started on some jobs that were driving me crazy!  Surely, you know what I mean?  Piles of stuff to be put away, dust bunnies, dirty rugs that needed shaking/washing, items the dog chewed up and NO ONE bothered to pick up.  All the yucky stuff nobody wants to do but enjoys the "after it's done" rewards.

Yea, that's what I'm doing!

I did eat a fantastic lunch yesterday while out on my field trip!  This was my first time eating there and I loved it.  The company was fun too!  (Thanks Betsy)

See what I'm talking about?

That's my lunch in that there pan!  I chose shrimp and lo mein noodles then I selected all the fresh veggies and sauce (I LIKE) to go in my dish and this nice guy cooked it all up for me.  I wish I could describe the smell.  It was heavenly!

Here's my finished product.

Next time you see STIR CRAZY on a sign and you're hungry….I recommend you stop and eat there.  You will love it.  Oh and the best part?  It was a buffet (if you wanted).  I didn't choose a large portion the first go around just because I wasn't sure if I'd like all that I had put together but when I went back I ordered chicken and it was just as yummy!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!  Celebrate & honor our military as you go about your long weekend with friends and family!

Alright, I've got to run…it's back to the mowing and cleaning for me.

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